1.6m Spruce wood hot tub with a Internal  heater (with chimney). Bubbles


Spruce Hot Tubs With internal Heater
wooden hot tub in spruce wood with a internal  heater (with chimney). The Wood Burning stove heater power with a internal Heater.
The stoves are manufactured from marine stainless steel. The tubs have three stainless steel belts. The tub comes complete with three treated planks on the underside to ensure efficient air flow beneath the hot tub.
Heating from cold this would take approximately 2-4 hours to heat the water to around 36-38 degrees depending on outside temperature and quality of the firewood.

You will get a fully assembled hot tub with wood lid.
Material massive spruce, thickness 40 mm.
Planks under the barrel already in place
Marine grade Stainless bands and fastening set.
Draining hole with plug.
Can be connected with 50mm standard drain pipe.
Stainless chimney 2 meters
Chimney hat
Depth 110cm
Inside Depth 95cm
Width 160cm .

with 12 month guarantee.
The tub comes fully equipped with all the essentials, including:

Matching spruce steps
Heater and chimney components
A practical drain
The hot tub itself, which features seats,  and stainless steel bands.