Sauna Pods




Room : 2 (Sauna and Changing room).

Timber : Pinewood.

Height : 2.6 m.

Walls Thickness : 46 mm.

Floor boards : 28 mm thickness.

Roof Finishing : Icopal bitumen shingles.

Window size : 700 x 900 mm.

Door size : 1030 x 1900 mm.


Standard Set:

Pod walls covered with the bitumen shingles.

1 tempered double glazed changing room door (inside).

French style double glazed door with a lock, and standard handle in the front.

2 benches inside sauna and 2 in changing room.

2 portable feet rest benches.

Heat-resistant plate for heater/ stove.


Heater is not included.


Sauna Pod 3.0

Inside area : 5.1 m².

External Dimension : 2.4 m x 3.0 m

Size : 2 - 4 people.


Sauna Pod 4.0

Inside area : 7.4 m².

External Dimension : 2.4 m x 4.0 m

Size : 2 - 5 people.


Sauna Pod 4.8

Inside area : 8.8 m².

External Dimension : 2.4 m x 4.8 m

Size : 2 - 7 people.


Price £3,599

Price £4,099

Price £4,299

Sauna Pods


Have you considered the health benefits of a sauna pod in your garden?

People have used saunas all over the world for thousands of years as they are extremely effective at removing toxins from the body by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the sweat glands.  However, research has indicated there are a number of additional benefits


As you relax in the gentle heat of a sauna, your body is actually hard at work, producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories.  It has been reported that in a single sauna session you may burn as many calories as you would if you were rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.  So potentially you lose weight, not just water.


Heat therapy is widely used to help provide effective relief from arthritis and joint stiffness as well as aiding general well being by relaxing and soothing tense muscles, restoring both body and mind.

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