Lisboa Pizza Ovens

Wood Fired Pizza Oven outdoor or indoors





-International patented model

-The dome of this wood fired oven is a kind of Igloo type, this model is designed for all kinds of dishes:

Pizzas, bread, roasts, cooked dishes, grills, and others.

-To use outdoor and indoor

-Guarantee against cracks

-The inside of all our ovens have ROCKWOOL insulation, and the outside are made with refractory

cement and 100% natural clay

-There is no need of additional exterior insulation

-Dome and floor are completely built in refractory bricks

-It retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours

-It keeps its superb appearance even after many years of use

-To simplify ovens shipping and prevent damages, ovens are delivered with a wood frame


-For professional and domestic use

-Traditional Mediterranean style

-High quality and two years guaranteed

-Chimney outlet diameter: 14cm

-Delivery is made by a truck with a tailgate lift. Without any additional cost for customers

-A recipe book for wood fired ovens

Productivity: 70 pizzas / hour (30cm) or 5 kg of bread dough

Pizza Capacity: 2 pizzas 30 cm

Wood consumption: 5kgs hour (it depends of the quality of the wood and moisture)

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

This design is PATENTED



Door Thermometer 24.00

Stainless Steel Chimney with cap 65.00

Roast spit 45.00

You will be the envy of friends and family with this outdoor oven, which is not only practical, but also a beautiful feature for any garden.


A very popular way to cook now - an outdoor pizza oven provides the ability to cook in many ways -


Pizza's are cooked in 90 seconds due to the internal temperature of 500 degrees


Spit roast suckling pig or whole chickens (optional extra)



Slow cooked casseroles



Our Mediterranean Outdoor Brick Ovens are robust and a particularly stylish feature for any outdoor living space.


The Outdoor oven is made by craftsmen and still made by hand, the technique uses refractory bricks to form the dome and covered in insulating refractory clays and cements to form the lovely and practical dome allowing high temperatures to be reached.


A freshly made pizza will take no more that 90 seconds to cook - it is fascinating to watch it cook and everyone will want to get involved - in particular the kids! A cooking experience for all year round al fresco entertaining.


With a base measuring 90cm square, which is reinforced with steel, the dome is hand laid on the top to a thickness of approx 20cm! This gives you a huge cooking space inside and a lot of thermal mass - which is required to ensure high temperatures can be reach and also to allow this heat to be stored for slow cooking. The oven floor is finished in tiles also hand laid to fit the shape of the round dome. With steel stable doors and a lovely brick archway the oven is supplied ready to cook pizza or bread or anything else you like.


As the Outdoor pizza oven is supplied assembled, weighing in at 850 kg, several people will be required to move it into position......


A very popular way to cook on the continent and one that provides great results, is the roasting of large joints or chickens on a roasting spit. The oven has this facility to cook using a spit - a hole and support is provided on the middle of the steel door and a small recess in the rear inside of the oven to support a roasting spit, which can also be provided. Using burning embers on the floor of the oven a variety of meat can be slowly roasted over many hours to provide a huge feast later in the evening - simply delicious!


Temperatures of 500 degrees can be reach within 60 minutes

The oven will retain heat for over 3 hours

The oven is supplied inside a protective pallet crate - this is mainly for protection during transit but can also make it easier for you to transport too.


Please note though that due to it's weight, the oven will be off loaded on your driveway/entrance and then you will need to place it exactly where you want it on your property.


NB If you have access issues to either premises, there is the option to request a 7.5 tonne lorry. Unfortunately, failure to notify ANY access issues will incur additional delivery charges. Pallet collections and deliveries are usually made by large 20 tonne lorries. This means that access at the delivery point needs to be suitable for large vehicles. We can request that vehicles have both a tail-lift and pallet truck (pump truck) to help at locations where there is no forklift available.


Due to the item being made to order, delivery will take approximately 14 days.

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven 100cm

This design is PATENTED



Inside Diameter:85x80cm


weighing in at 620kg

Oven’s door: H36cm x W35cm


External Dimensions:




-Height: 75cm


Output:Up to 70 Pizzas Hour

Pizza Capacity:3 pizzas 250mm

Time to cook a Pizza:90 seconds

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven 90cm

This design is PATENTED



Inside Diameter:75x70cm


weighing in at 480kg,

Oven’s door: H36cm x W35cm


External Dimensions:





-Height: 70cm


Output:Up to 70 Pizzas Hour

Pizza Capacity:3 pizzas 250mm

Time to cook a Pizza:90 seconds

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven 120cm

This design is PATENTED



Inside Diameter:105x100cm


weighing in at 850kg,

Oven’s door: H36cm x W35cm


External Dimensions:





-Height: 70cm


Output:Up to 70 Pizzas Hour

Pizza Capacity:3 pizzas 250mm

Time to cook a Pizza:90 seconds