Pinewood & Spruce

Light with regular texture, ensuring good thermal insulation on and a pleasant indoor climate.

Flexible to use.Suitable for painting, therefore smooth coverage of the wood preserver and colour is guaranteed.



Our grill cabins are produced from renewable best quality Northern European Pines and spruce which are being selected by the most modern log X-ray and automatic grading technology.


Pinewood is accurately sawn, dried and graded according to wood features. The thickness of the wall is 45 mm.


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Grill cabin has double glazed windows, which ensure light transmission into the cabin and minimal heat loss to the outside. Windows are hermetic and durable. As decoration, thin wooden dividers are attached to the windows on the outside. These dividers can be easily removed for painting or can be left off altogether if preferred.


Each cabin has inside benches made from the excellent pinewood or spuce which are perfect for relaxing in the cozy atmosphere. Some of the Grill cabin's come with benches that can be extended for sleeping.

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Grill cabin has a door made from multi layer glued pinewood or spruce with a hexagon double glazed window. The door set consists of a door frame, a door leaf, hexagon window, adjustable hinges, a lock and wooden handle. The door frames are made from 65 mm pine or spruce.





Bitumen roof shingles ensure the highest quality roofing:

Durable commercial grade.

Hermetic.Flame retardant.

Protects against the suns UV rays.

Minimizes heat loss.

Impervious to rain, snow and hail stones.

Resistant to wind, frost and moisture.

Resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Maintains long lasting colour.

Insulates from rain and hail stone noise.

Resistant to mould, moss and fungal growth.

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