Grill Cabins

Following the old Scandinavian tradition, we produce Grill Cabins (“Gillette” – Norwegian or “grillkåta” Swedish), also commonly known as BBQ or Hobbit Huts, which are designed to provide an incredible dining experience all year round.


You will be amazed by the cosy and magical atmosphere it creates. Produced from high quality dried rounded pinewood boards, the Grill Hut allows for the family and friends to gather in a unique place and discover the happiness of spending time together.

It involves in the exciting process of grilling, tasting delicious meals, playing games and music, telling stories and sharing joy and delight with each other. No bad weather can stop one from having fun in this cosy surrounding.


People love the hexagon or octagonal shape of the cabins and frequently use them as garden sheds, summer residences, workshops, fishers’ huts, camping houses, restaurants, Christmas cabins and for many other purposes.


Our Grill Cabins can accommodate up to 30 people, depending on the cabin’s size. The cabin sizes range from 4.5 m2 up to 25 m2 and more. The cabin to the customer is being delivered packed on the pallet(s); for easy assembling the manual based on the images is provided.

Grill Cabin Types


We produce two types of the Grill Cabins: Standard and Exclusive.


Standard Grill Cabin set comes with the straight 45 mm walls, separate floor and roof panels of 18 mm thickness. The set also includes double glazed opening and fixed windows, pinewood door, standard hexagon or octagonal BBQ (depending on the cabin size chosen) fitted with the wooden table around it, extendable chimney, wooden benches and seat cushions.


Standard Grill Cabin

Exclusive Grill Cabin

Exclusive-Grill-Cabin-9.2m2 27501076_953183488181758_6509338082504390086_o

To meet even the most demanding expectations, using only the finest quality pinewood and techniques, our specialists have designed and constructed Exclusive Grill Cabins. This model is produced with the sloping walls of 45 mm thickness, thicker floor panels of 28 mm and separate 18 mm roof panels covered with bitumen shingles. The set also includes double glazed opening and fixed windows, pinewood door, Luxury BBQ with the wooden table around it, extendable chimney, wooden benches and seat cushions.

We believe that the exquisite design of this model makes the cabin even more cosy and unique place to meet.

Materials used for production


The cosy grill cabin is produced from renewable European pines, which are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber qualities throughout the world. Pinewood is light with regular texture, appreciated for their pleasant smell. Pines are denser, resinous, and therefore more durable than spruce.


Pinewood is flexible to use, suitable for thermal and chemical modification, and therefore is widely used in the construction and furniture industries. For grill cabin, only the best quality of pinewood is being used. The most modern log X-ray and automatic grading technology select the best raw material.


For Grill Cabin roofing Finish producer’s Icopal SBS modified and fibreglass 120, g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles are used. The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes of the shingles.

Pinewood and Bitumen Shingles


Grill cabin floor is made from the highest quality separate pinewood panels either of 18 mm or 28 mm thickness depending on the Cabin type chosen and is firm and even, providing a stable base.



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Grill cabin has a double glazed opening and fixed windows, which ensure light transmission into the cabin and minimal heat loss to the outside. Windows maintain hermetic characteristics and give long service life. As decoration elements, thin wooden dividers are attached to the windows on the outside. These dividers can be easily removed for painting or can be left off altogether if preferred.



Each cabin has inside benches made from the excellent pinewood, which are perfect for relaxing in the cosy atmosphere. Some of the benches can be extended for sleeping. The seat cushions for the benches come as standard and provide extra comfort.


Grill cabin has a door made from multi-layer glued pinewood with a hexagon double glazed window. The window provides more light into the cabin and serves as a decoration element. The door set consists of a door frame, a door leaf, hexagon window, adjustable hinges, a lock and a wooden handle. The door frames are produced with a thickness of 65 mm.


BBQ Set Types

We have three different BBQ types available.  All of them are powder coated with a heat resistant material and come with stainless steel cooking grids and pot stands. BBQ grills are of a great quality and look outstanding. Grill and chimney are easy to assemble, use and care. The grill can be heated with wood or coal. Apart from heating, the food can be grilled, smoked or cooked over the open

Standard BBQ Set – made from cold-rolled steel and comes with 6 or 8 extendable pine slatted tables.

Professional BBQ Set – made from cold-rolled steel and comes with 6 or 8 pine tables.

Luxury BBQ Set – the BBQ is made from COR-TEN steel (a group of steel alloys) and the chimney from galvanized steel and comes with 6 top quality pine tables.

Flame BBQ Set – the BBQ is made from cold-rolled steel and comes with 6 top quality rounded pine tables.

Standard-6-corner-BBQ-740x1024 Professional-BBQ-723x1024 11 IMG_0577 Standard Gill Cabin 4.5 Pinewood Standard Gill Cabin's 6.9 & 7.0 Pine wood Standard Grill Cabin 7.0 Spruce woood Standard Grill Cabin 9,5 Spruce wood Standard Grill Cabin's 9.2 &14.9 Pinewood Elite Grill Cabin's 7.0 & 16.5 Pinewood